The Grapevine

I have a whole bunch of good stuff to share with you this week, but I wanted to take a quick break from the usual and share some of the things I am loving lately. This is part of a new feature here on Maebells called The Grapevine. Here we go!

This picture…this was taken while I was working on Taco Lasagna last week. Clearly you can see who rules the roost.

The Boys

One year ago today, this picture was taken. Yep. This happened.

That is how Mr. Maebell became Mr. Maebell. I thought we were just going to take pictures. For years all of our photos were taken by me setting up the tripod, setting the self time and running into the picture. Well, I set the timer, ran into the photo, and this is what happened. To be totally honest I thought he dropped something at first. Ha!

I am forever thankful to have this sneaky man in my life.

Mr. Maebell

Other things…Mr. Maebell has spent a few days away recently reminding me how much I enjoy his presence and the solitude of his absence all at the same time. Weird huh? It has given me a chance to do girly things, like watch Steel Magnolias, play with nail polish, and let the dogs sleep in the bed. :)

And now a sneak peek of things to come!

Spinach & Avocado

Lots of good things going on in this picture! Fresh avocado, baby spinach, salsa, sour cream, and a spicy three pepper cheese! Guess what I am making with this?

Recipe and an endearing story of good intentions and a lamb named Clue are coming!



Does a plate of food get any prettier than this? I don’t think so, I will be sharing my favorite go to fancy girl appetizer with you soon!


I have my absolute favorite breakfast recipe for you. Spinach, sausage, cheese, how can you go wrong with an ingredient list like that!

There you have it!

Just a couple of things I am loving these days. I’ll be back tomorrow with recipes! Until then, Friends!



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