This week’s Easy Keto Meal Plan includes 5 easy low-carb dinner as well as a keto-friendly breakfast. I’ve included net carb counts, serving amounts, and a printable shopping list!

This week’s Easy Keto Meal Plan includes 5 easy low-carb dinner as well as a keto-friendly breakfast. Net carb counts and printable shopping list included!


Here’s the 13th week of Easy Keto Meal Planning! This guide is complete with net carb counts and a printable shopping list.

This week we have a delicious Sesame Chicken Stir Fry, Tuna Zoodle Casserole, Sausage & Cabbage Foil Packs, Steak Rolls with 3-Cheese Basil Biscuits, and Green Chile Chicken Stuffed Peppers! On top of these great dinners, I also included one of my favorite breakfasts and snacks, Keto Bagels!

I want to take the stress out of keto meal planning, so I’m sticking with simple, delicious recipes that don’t require ingredients that are difficult to find. Most of these recipes are one pan meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less! This plan is made for people who love good food but can’t devote hours to making difficult keto meals.

Monday: Sesame Chicken Keto Stir-Fry

This Sesame Chicken Keto Stir Fry features thinly sliced chicken and zucchini with a rich Asian sauce. At just 2 net carbs per serving and ready in 30 minutes, this is the ultimate easy low carb meal!

This amazing one-pan Sesame Chicken Keto Stir-Fry is the perfect thing for a Monday night. It serves 4 people with only 1.8 net carbs per serving!

Tuesday: Keto Tuna Zoodle Casserole

This Keto Tuna Zoodle Casserole is the perfect low carb comfort food! This dish is only 3.4 net carbs and packed with zucchini noodles, a creamy cheese sauce and chunks of tuna. #keto

This delicious Keto Tuna Zoodle Casserole is super filling and a big family favorite! This dish serves 6 with just 3.3 net carbs per serving. 

Wednesday: Cabbage and Sausage Foil Packs

Keto Sausage and Cabbage Foil Packs are loaded with spicy sausage, bell pepper, onion, and cabbage in a cajun butter sauce! A perfect low carb meal for camping or grilling out! #keto

Halfway through the week, nobody wants to spend a ton of time cleaning the kitchen! These Cabbage and Sausage Foil Packs have little to no clean up, serves 4, and comes with 7 net carbs per serving.

Thursday: Keto Steak Rolls with 3-Cheese Basil Biscuits

Crazy easy Five Ingredient Steak Rolls! An impressive dinner ready in just 20 minutes! #glutenfree

We love these individual, tender Keto Steak Rolls! Each serving is two rolls and packed with tasty vegetables. This serves 4 with 4.3 net carbs per 2 rolls!

These Keto Three Cheese Biscuits are perfectly soft and fluffy! Each low carb biscuit is loaded with sharp cheddar cheddar, mozzarella and fresh basil for just 2 net carbs each!  

These Keto Three-Cheese Basil Biscuits are fluffy, buttery, and the perfect complement for a low-carb dinner! This recipe makes 22 small biscuits at only 2 net carbs a piece. 

Friday: Green Chili Chicken Stuffed Peppers

These six ingredient Green Chile Chicken Stuffed Peppers have under 5 net carbs per serving! Packed with chicken, cheese and spices this is an easy dinner your entire family will love!

These Green Chili Chicken Stuffed Peppers are such a protein-packed, easy dinner for the end of the week! This recipe makes 8 stuffed pepper halves that come to 4.7 net carbs each.

Bonus: Keto Bagels

These Easy Keto Bagels make the best low carb breakfast sandwiches! At about 3 net carbs this is a gluten free, keto-friendly bagel recipe you will love!

These Keto Bagels are surprisingly easy and perfect for meal prepping while using the Easy Keto Meal Plan! This recipe makes 8 keto bagels (3.4 net carbs each) and can be eaten alone, with low-carb spreads, as Breakfast Sandwiches, Veggie Sandwiches, or even Pizza Bagels

Easy Keto Meal Plan with Printable Grocery List (Click Here to Download!)

Here is the printable day-by-day Easy Keto Meal Plan for Week 13.Easy Keto Meal Plan includes a printable grocery shopping list to make your life easier!