This Coconut Mojito recipe is the perfect fizzy cocktail to cool off on warm summer days. It is light, refreshing, and packed with delicious coconut, lime, and mint flavor! 

coconut mojito in a clear glass on a white plate


Whip up a batch of this Cuban-inspired punch for your next party or get-together or treat yourself to a single serving any time you want a slice of paradise!

All you need is a few simple ingredients and five minutes to create this tropical lime twist on a classic mojito recipe. Close your eyes, sip on a cold coconut rum mojito, and you’ll instantly be transported to vacation mode. Summertime never tasted so good! 

The combination of creamy, bubbly, and citrus makes this one of my favorite warm-weather drinks. Enjoy a fun afternoon treat poolside or make a batch of these tropical cocktails to serve at your next house party! This is also a great recipe to pair with a festive Cuban or Mexican-inspired dinner spread. 

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Why You Will Love This Recipe

  • Easy Prep. Five minutes is all you need to blend this refreshing Malibu mojito! It is also easy to adjust the single-serving recipe if you are serving a large group of people. 
  • Simple Ingredients. You won’t believe this flavor-packed drink is made with just seven ingredients you can easily find at the grocery store. 
  • Versatile. This coconut rum cocktail is a great treat on its own or enjoyed with a variety of dishes from ceviche to curry to tacos. It makes a great day party drink, happy hour special, or evening sipper.
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Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need for this easy cocktail recipe. Find exact measurements in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page.

Below are the simple ingredients you will need to make this coconut lime mojito. Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of the page to see the exact amounts for each ingredient.

  • Coconut Rum: Use your favorite brand of tropical essenced liquor for this coconut rum cocktail! 
  • Cream of Coconut: A thick, rich mixture of coconut cream and sugar that adds extra creaminess and the perfect amount of sweetness. 
  • Coconut Milk: Use full-fat for the richest coconut milk cocktail. Alternatively, you can use light coconut milk for a lower-fat option. 
  • Lime: Use only half of the recommended lime juice if you prefer a less citrusy flavor. Or add more if you like it zesty! 
  • Club Soda: The bubbly carbonation brings this refreshing drink to life!

How to Make a Coconut Mojito 

Below are photos and recipe steps so you can easily make this recipe at home. You will also need a cocktail shaker, a muddler, and a glass. 

Muddle and add the liquids

Slice the fresh lime into wedges and place them in a cocktail shaker along with the 10 fresh mint leaves. Muddle lightly. Pour in the coconut rum, coconut milk, cream of coconut, and a handful of ice. Then put the lid on the shaker and vigorously shake a few times to mix well.  

Pour and garnish

Add ice to a glass then strain the mojito over the ice. Top with club soda. Add fresh mint leaves to the top of the glass and serve!


Enjoy a coconut mojito on its own for a buzzy treat or pair it with Cuban or Mexican-inspired dishes for a festive meal! Below are some of our favorite recipes to serve with this tasty cocktail.

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Can you prepare mojitos ahead of time?

No, this cocktail should be made fresh for the best flavor. If serving for a crowd, you could make several servings and pour them into an empty pitcher. Store in the fridge up to a few hours, then pour over ice when you’re ready to serve.

Tips and Tricks 

  • Lightly muddle the mint to avoid getting pieces of mint leaves from floating in your drink. 
  • Add additional garnishes like mint sprigs, a lime wheel, a sprinkle of shredded coconut, or even add a lime-sugar rim!   
  • Make a lower-fat option by reducing the amount of full-fat coconut milk and adding more club soda or use a light coconut milk instead. 
a chilled coconut mojito topped with fresh mint leaves

Coconut Mojito Recipe FAQ

What type of rum can I use?

I recommend using a coconut-flavored rum for the best-tasting tropical mojito. Make it a Malibu rum mojito or use Bacardi Coconut. Alternatively, you can substitute 1:1 with an unflavored white rum. If you use unflavored rum, it is important to note that the mojito will have less coconut flavor than if you use a flavored rum.

Can I make this a virgin mojito?

Absolutely! You can easily make this drink alcohol-free by simply omitting the rum. It is just as delicious and refreshing without any alcohol! 

How do I use a muddler?

It is super easy to muddle the mint and lime in this recipe! Once you add the lime and mint to your shaker, use the muddler to firmly press the ingredients down against the bottom of the shaker and gently twist the muddler back and forth. This will gently release the oils and fragrance from the mint leaves. Repeat this motion several times until you extract the juices.

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coconut mojito in a clear glass on a white plate

Get the Recipe: Coconut Mojito

Cool off with this refreshing Coconut Mojito recipe, ready in just 5 minutes! It tastes like summer with creamy coconut, zesty lime, fresh mint, and a bubbly finish. 
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  • Slice the lime into wedges and place in a cocktail shaker along with the 10 fresh mint leaves. Muddle lightly.
  • Top with coconut rum, coconut milk, cream of coconut, and a handful of ice. Shake a few times to mix well.
  • Add ice to a glass. Pour the shaken mojito over the ice (straining out the mint leaves and lime wedges), then top with club soda.
  • Garnish with mint leaves and serve!


  1. I used canned coconut milk but for a lower fat version you can substitute more club soda or a light coconut milk.
  2. I used squeezable cream of coconut because it mixes into cocktails so easily. However, this is high in calories and has added sugar. If you replace this with unsweetened canned coconut cream, each drink will have 278 calories and 14.2 carbs.
  3. Muddle lightly to avoid getting little bits of mint leaves in your drink. 
  4. For less lime flavor, use only half of a lime.
Serving: 1 drink, Calories: 358kcal, Carbohydrates: 44.6g, Protein: 1.7g, Fat: 13.9g, Sodium: 50.8mg, Fiber: 0.1g, Sugar: 37.7g
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