Greek Salad Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers

Greek Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers

My lunch is painfully plain. It is the same every single day. I have a Greek salad, or at least what I call a Greek salad. Baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives and dressing. I like it, I really do. Those are some of my favorite flavors, but lets face it, everyone needs a little variety every now and then!

Since those basic salad ingredients are staples in my house I decided to change it up a bit. Instead of a boring old salad in a bowl I threw it in a wrap, added some goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Turns out, it was just the mix up I needed. It was healthy, refreshing, and full of flavor! It was also very filling! I ate this for dinner one night and almost couldn’t finish the whole thing, almost. ;)

Greek Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers, healthy and delicious!

You can totally adjust this based on your personal preferences or what you have on hand. But I warmed an Udi’s tortilla (they are gluten free) but you can use whatever brand you prefer. I threw in some nice chunks of goat cheese, sliced baby bella mushrooms, roasted red pepper and let it all get nice and warm. Then I slid the wrap out of the skillet and added the spinach, olives, feta and cucumbers. You can add the ingredients all at once, but I didn’t want my spinach to wilt while I was warming the tortilla. Again, personal preference is key here! :)

Greek Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers

I didn’t add any dressing or spreads since all of the vegetables were so fresh and juicy and the two cheeses provide the perfect balance of creamy, melted goodness!

Just in case you’re in a salad rut like me, keep this one in mind! Salads magically become more fun when you put them in a wrap!

Greek Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers #healthy #easy

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Greek Salad Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 1 large tortilla shell (I used Udi's gluten free)
  • ¼ cup sliced roasted red pepper (about ¼ a pepper)
  • ½ cup baby spinach
  • ¼ cup sliced baby bella mushrooms
  • ¼ cup sliced cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons goat cheese
  • 2 tablespoons feta
  • 2 tablespoons sliced olives
  • 1 tablespoon chopped green onions
  1. Heat a large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Lightly spray skillet. Place wrap in skillet.
  3. Lay the goat cheese, feta, sliced mushrooms, green onions, and roasted red peppers on the wrap. Let wrap cook 30 seconds - 1 minute or until wrap is lightly brown and the cheese has started to melt.
  4. Remove wrap from skillet and add spinach, cucumber, and olives.
  5. Wrap tightly and slice.
  6. This is excellent with a little hummus on the side!

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30 Responses to Greek Salad Wraps with Roasted Red Peppers

  1. I love eating Greek salads too, although I usually only order them when going out to eat (but I do eat salads a lot for my lunches). I love that you made this into a wrap. So versatile and looks delicious!

  2. Lunch ruts are the worst. Good thing we have wraps to pull us outta those dang ruts! Greek food is my absolute FAV so these wraps are right up my alley, Annie! LOVE all those gorgeous red peppers.

  3. I love anything with Greek flavors in it. Great addition with the goat cheese and roasted red peppers. These wraps look fresh and delicious!

  4. Mary Frances says:

    Wraps were my staple for a very very long time! Greek spices and flavors are amazing and I am all the red pepper addition. This is a great lunch idea Annie!

  5. This looks like such a great recipe to break me out of my lunch rut! Love the flavors of a greek salad!

  6. This looks so good! I love Greek salad – I basically love anything that involves feta cheese. It is my favourite food ever.

  7. Love these healthy wraps… feta cheese and roasted peppers are a fantastic addition. . Looks so delicious.. Perfect healthy lunch (actually I can eat this all day long) :D

  8. Danielle says:

    Wraps are so delicious, especially for lunch. I need to try this out, feta cheese is soooo good!

    • Maebells says:

      I am so glad someone else shares my love of Feta! My husband won’t touch it so anytime I buy it I eat the whole container all by myself!

  9. Love Greek salad and this wrap is a brilliant idea! Perfect for a hot summer lunch :)

  10. That’s such a healthy lunch to have every day — you’re so good! It’s funny how mixing it up just a little bit can change things just enough to make them more special. I would love this wrap! :)

  11. What a great idea for a quick and healthy lunch (or dinner!) A fresh Greek salad has got to be my favourite lunch ever, so I love this simple ‘change-up’ suggestion, Annie. :-)

  12. Ambar says:

    Great way to make a salad fun to eat!

  13. think i know what i am making for lunch today.. looks delicious, love a good greek salad. never thought to take the idea and recreate it into a wrap before!

  14. Isadora says:

    I’ve never seen these Udi’s tortillas! When I first saw your photo, I thought that they looked so normal that they couldn’t possibly be gf, ha! I gotta go out and find these asap! I get into such a lunch rut sometimes too, what a great idea to put your salad ingredients into a wrap! You really can’t go wrong with a wrap! I’m wishing I had one of these for lunch tomorrow :)

    • Maebells says:

      Oh man, you have got to try them! Seriosuly! They are so very good! They taste just like regular flour tortillas and they don’t break or fall apart on you. We are kind of obsessed. We can only get them at one grocery in our area (Publix) so I go and buy like 6 packages at a time! ha!

  15. Geraldine says:

    I get in the same rut at lunch – eating the same thing cause it’s easy. Love the idea of wrapping it up in a tortilla to change things up. Pinning! Thanks, Annie, for a great lunch idea.

    • Maebells says:

      Aren’t lunch ruts terrible, I am just awful about eating the same thing because I am kind of lazy sometimes. This really did the trick for me though! :)

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